Join us for a bite-sized webinar to find out if you’re making any of the most common mistakes business owners make with their marketing. Life is busy, so we’re keeping it short and packed with value. We want you to walk away with a few new ideas or a fresh perspective on an old challenge.

This webinar is hosted by Jaimie Love, who leads our Propel Marketing Accelerator. She has loads of marketing experience, specifically working with small to medium-sized businesses, and has spent the past five years educating, training and coaching business owners and professionals on how to effectively market their businesses.

Fear not! This is not a sales pitch masked as a webinar. You really are just going to learn about common marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. At worst, we’ll offer you an exclusive discount on our Propel Marketing Accelerator (which you can learn more about here) when we send you the webinar replay.



Jaimie Love
Lead Instructor, PROPEL

Jaimie is drawn to small businesses, having worked for or with them her entire career. She loves working with passionate people and has a knack for creative brand storytelling. When Jaimie told us her two passions were marketing and teaching, we knew she was the perfect fit for leading businesses through PROPEL. Her understanding that marketing (when done without a strategy) can be overwhelming and her natural ability to simplify even the most complicated concepts quickly turns that overwhelm into excitement for her students.