A week or so ago, we all suddenly found ourselves living in a new reality as entrepreneurs/business owners.

After spending what feels like a million hours thinking about our businesses, reading blogs, listening to audiobooks, and having long conversations with other entrepreneurs about where we want to take our businesses, we suddenly find ourselves living one shared focus: how do we make sure we still have a business a month from now?

Idyllic notions that we would all think about implementing when the time is right (like remote work, unlimited vacations, and being a socially aware, community-driven organization) have been put on the back burner as we all collectively go into survival mode.

For some of us, regardless of how dark it might seem today, we are lucky in that we have a partner or partners to lean on, divide the workload and help implement a game plan. What would normally take us months of planning to do, we are now doing in a matter of hours. We are the lucky ones that have a shoulder to lean on, a partner to divide and conquer with.

For others, that group of solopreneurs that a lot of you likely fall into, navigating your way through this week (let alone this month) may seem like a monumental task. We all share the same entrepreneurial DNA. As entrepreneurs, our first thought is, “I can figure this all out by myself…” Some of you are mothers and fathers trying to run a business while running a family, and you have all the weight and responsibility of your team’s livelihood on your mind.

It’s a lot. We get it. And as Albertans, this is what we do. We get through these types of life events together.

That’s why it’s critical for all of us to band together. We can all contribute in our own ways to get through this together and redefine what being an entrepreneur/business owner in Alberta means.

Whether it’s a customer communication, updates to your website, social media support, design or writing support, we are here to help. Send us a note about where you need specific help immediately, and we will arrange a call to figure out how we can help.

We also have an amazing support network of business owners in Strategy/Training, HR, IT, Accounting/Tax, Business/Financial Advisory and more that we can connect you to. 

It could be as simple as an idea, a tip, a tool, or a timely connection. Whatever you need, let’s band together to get through this.

“Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…” David Bowie // Space Oddity

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