Music. It’s akin to my best friend and has a huge influence on my life. From my first 45 record to the latest iTunes download, music has played a part in every moment of both my personal and professional stories. Music keeps me company throughout my workday, driving me and inspiring my creativity.

Every client project that I work on begins and ends with music, creating its own soundtrack along my creative journey. From conception to completion, it allows my mind to work in different ways, always increasing my creative flow. Song choice is critical – the wrong style of music can send me into a tailspin.

For me, conceptualizing design is more effective with mellow beats – something that can sit in the back of my brain and not compete with my ideas. One of my go-to albums is Band of Horses, Acoustic at the Ryman. It’s the perfect soundtrack for picking up the stylus and sipping on a cup of joe.

Once concepts are solidified, there’s growing anticipation and excitement for making them a reality. This stage of project design demands music that’s laced with intricacies and textures, much like the work I’m creating, to really help my mind twirl and get on a clear path. During this stage, I delve into something like the Volcano Choir’s Repave or The Album Leaf’s In a Safe Place. These albums contain highs and lows and everything in-between, keeping my mind buzzing, and me motivated through this development phase.

My enthusiasm is at a peak after the development phase, anticipating the first client proof. I like to think of this as the celebratory stage. It’s time to kick back, digest what has transpired on screen, make any necessary modifications, and revel in my little personal victory. The perfect jams for this? Anything from Arctic Monkeys’ AM, Local Native’s Gorilla Manor, or Pearl Jam’s Yield provide the perfect finales for my creative soundtrack.

From an early age, my pure love of music meant that every moment of my life was naturally accompanied by its own soundtrack. Now my story with music continues, driving my creativity through whichever client project is next on the docket.

“Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…” David Bowie // Space Oddity

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