PROPEL Marketing Accelerator

Program Dates:
August 9-18, Sept. 8-29, Oct. 6-27 and Nov. 3-24, 2022

Program Fee:  $900 with CAJG funding or $2700 total


Submit your Request for a Training Quote which is a required part of the Canada Alberta Training Grant (CAJG) application process

Employers who apply for and are approved for the CAJG can save up to two-thirds on total training costs. Applicants should allow for 30 days processing time.

To complete your CAJG application, you will need a training quote which is required for the application process. To obtain a training quote, please fill out the form below and submit. We will get back to you within a few business days with everything you need to begin the CAJG application process. 


STEP ONE: Complete the form below with your preferred PROPEL session dates and submit to us.

STEP TWO: Once we receive your submission, we will prepare and supply you with a training quote, and you can begin the CAJG application process. We're here to help with any information you might need or questions you might have for this process.

STEP THREE: Once you have submitted your CAJG training application and receive a confirmation email from the Alberta Government, you will then complete your registration and payment by visiting our Enroll Page to secure your spot. 

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