Producing a high volume of content can and likely will raise your profile on Google searches or social media. This is a good thing and part of any worthwhile content strategy. But content that isn’t based on a strategy may eventually hurt your brand down the line.

Build a content strategy and follow it

“Any exposure is good exposure.” The same cliché can’t be said about content.

If your content doesn’t serve a purpose (whether that’s providing real value to your audience, improving search engine optimization, or building brand or product awareness), it’s time and money wasted.

As noted in the Harvard Business Review, “likes” are often just “likes” if you don’t have the right strategy behind them: “…social media—they are using it the wrong way. Amplifying efforts with advertising can provide higher returns on investment while creating an opportunity to connect with the most loyal customers.”

Don’t just think about the “how” of what you want to say, think about the “why.” We’ve seen how problematic it can be when a business retweets or posts something on their corporate Twitter that, while entertaining, has nothing to do with their brand and may actively work against it.

Good content is AEVA (accurate, engaging, valuable, and actionable)

Good content is aligned with your strategy. It will work for you at all times, and never against who you are or what you want your company to be.

It’s nice having a busy blog to generate hits and an active Twitter account. But, if the content isn’t building your brand, then redevelop it to speak more to your values and offerings. Or, put it aside for later. Having a lot of content is okay. A little bit of good content is better. A lot of good content is best.

Less is more except when more is more, so make your content as valuable as it can be.


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