Read on to learn how marketing, branding, and web design helped a construction company reach its growth targets and realize its potential.

The Client.

Nomodic is a provider of permanent offsite construction solutions in a variety of industries, including affordable housing, hospitality, residential multifamily housing, indigenous, resorts and hotels, retail and commercial, and remote workforce. Their innovative and integrative process takes projects from concept to completion.

Major Deliverables.

Brand Refresh, Web Design, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Strategy

The Challenge.

To position Nomodic as an innovator and leader in the construction space, generating opportunities to expand into new markets. Nomodic wanted to showcase their flexible and integrative approach to construction, which is not only innovative but ensures cost certainty to the clients who work with them. As a team, their passion and expertise were strongly evident, and this was an area that could be better communicated to their current clientele and increase the awareness for their target audience.

The Strategy.

Working and collaborating directly with Nomodic’s leadership team and Creative Director, we identified key areas where they clearly surpassed their competitors, not only in their turnkey approach but in their emphasis on design and project management from the beginning of a project to the end. We used this to help them create their core marketing strategy.

We identified key areas to highlight with their marketing material:

  • Their unique approach.
  • Educating their target audience about their construction process.
  • Increasing their social media presence and engagement.

We also identified key goals:

  • To secure new North American markets.
  • To increase revenue by attracting new clients and partners.

Because construction companies tend to get mired in the technical details when describing what they do and the services they offer, we approached Nomodic’s marketing with storytelling in mind. We chose to tell their story with a website and corresponding material that showcased their work through case studies, detailed videos and testimonials, and highlighted their innovative work by including their team in the messaging. We did this while focused on creating a better user experience on the website and on social media, giving their audience easier access to the information they needed to make their decision to choose Nomodic for their construction project.

In addition, we worked with Nomodic to help them define their core values and make that the foundation on which their marketing was built. To leave things better is at the heart of everything they do, and we wanted that to be reflected in everything they did.

Through our strategy sessions with the client and creative design, we transformed their existing brand and modernized it to better reflect who they were as individuals and as a company. Their passion and creativity in their work was front and centre in their new branding, which in an instant made them stand out as a different kind of construction company.

We achieved this through targeted campaigns:

Affordable Housing Initiative:

  • Produced video case studies of their work for use on their website and for social media promotion;
  • BC Housing

Business Development Toolkit:

  • Created a digital campaign strategy to broaden their reach through targeted social media campaigns, educational white papers, case studies, and videos
  • Storytelling through their new website reinforcing the positivity and change resulting from Nomodic’s work with communities in North America
  • Highlighting new project work and the process by which they work with clients, distributors, and vendors from the beginning to ensure cost certainty and time certainty
  • Highlighted their process through interactive case studies, infographics, and website content

Digital Marketing Campaign:

  • Increased their presence digitally, with targeted advertising strategies that captured Nomodic’s innovative solutions

The Results.

Taken together with the improved website user experience and a healthy library of case studies and material, we helped Nomodic establish a marketing foundation that served to inform their audience about the value of their services and expertise, showcased their industry-leading initiatives in affordable housing, and highlighted their growth across North America.


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