Ok, I’m going to come right out and say it. I don’t profess to be the best mom in the world, not even close. But I try. And with the recent combination of Mother’s Day, my son’s second birthday last week (happy birthday Cohen!), and baby #2 arriving in a couple months (insert both excitement and trepidation here), I’ve been reflecting on the factors that contribute to my mommy abilities.

We all know that marketing has absolutely nothing to do with 3 a.m. feeds, diaper changing, and baby snuggles, but there are a few ways in which I like to think being a marketing consultant has helped sharpen my maternal make-up:

  1. Communication skills. As the Communications Manager at Forward Level, clearly communicating our clients’ messages through various mediums is what I do best. I love (and need) to communicate – at work and at home – and I’m not great at holding things in. So, when over a year of one-way communication with Cohen – talking him through everything, reading hundreds of books, and telling him details he likely didn’t care about – turned into two-way communication, how thrilled was I?! I think it paid off, as he was an early talker, busted out phrases at 20 months and now at barely two, speaks in sentences and is quite the chatty character. “Toddler Talk” is the cutest (think, “Big ‘dozer going down the hill, weeeee!”). And then of course there’s the best combination of four words in the English language – “I love you mommy”…
  1. Organizational/multi-tasking skills. With multiple clients, deadlines, strategies and tactics, I have no choice but to keep organized. I bring this into raising my son, attempting to keep him on somewhat of a routine, and also attempting (I use that word loosely) to keep his stuff organized, even though the occasional tornado goes through my house. My often-tested multi-tasking abilities also have me regularly thinking about if he is getting a good mix of activities, learning, social interaction, outside time…the list goes on. Yes, it can be exhausting and make me unnecessarily anxious, but like I said, I try. Thankfully, I have a good husband and family around to help support.
  1. Creativity. It’s not a secret that creativity is a key element to successful marketing. I was not born an overly creative or artistic person, but over the years my career and extracurricular activities have helped my right brain try to catch up with my left. So why not bring that into my child-rearing skill set? I am not very crafty, so I try to bring creativity into Cohen’s life in other ways. We especially dig singing, dancing, and making up songs (the toddler version of “crafting messages”), and are slowly getting better at painting and drawing. He now has quite a repertoire of songs that he oh-so-adorably sings (toddler talk is cute, but a toddler singing is THE BEST). And when I am trying to teach him how to draw and my frog turns out looking like a green chicken, he still knows it’s a frog, so that’s all that matters…

So to all the moms out there who are doing their best – kudos for bringing different skills and fun into your children’s lives, whether or not they have anything to do with marketing. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day, and may the parental Gods grant you the time, knowledge and silliness needed to fulfill the demanding, yet amazing, job of being a mom.

“Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…” David Bowie // Space Oddity

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